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Homemade Brownies Bursting with Flavour

Updated FEB 18, 2021

This episode of Dine for Charity is a little different from our other episodes, where we would usually visit a cafe and soak in the atmosphere and ambience while dining. Instead, we placed an order from Bake n’ Take, an online seller of brownies. But we couldn’t wait for it to be delivered and went straight to their kitchen to collect our brownies!

Bake n’ Take is a home-based business, run by a woman named Shryfa, selling brownies and other baked goods. We visited her at her home for a taste test and to get to know her a little better.


When we arrived, the smell of brownies wafted in the air. Shryfa was busy preparing other orders, churning out goodies as she does day in, day out. The aroma of chocolate was enough to make our mouths water.

Sitting down interviewing the friendly, talented Bake N Take owner, Ms Shryfa

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Ms Shryfa was busy baking cookies as she waited for the GERTV team to arrive

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Sitting down interviewing the friendly, talented Bake N Take owner, Ms Shryfa

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We tried 4 brownie variations: Signature, Red Velvet Cheese, Ondeh-Ondeh Cream Cheese, and Biscoff.


Each brownie was our favourite kind of brownie - chewy and fudgy. At only $30, the Signature brownies are the most basic brownies. And if you believe that going back to the basics is best - these brownies are for you!


Among all of them, the Ondeh-Ondeh Cream Cheese ($38) and Biscoff ($35) stood out the most for us. The Ondeh-Ondeh Cream Cheese is a unique, one-of-a-kind flavour that we were most looking forward to trying.


While the combination of gula melaka, coconut, cream cheese, and chocolate might seem strange in theory - Shryfa managed to make all the ingredients work in perfect harmony. It was the perfect balance of traditional Malay and Western flavours.

The Biscoff had the same richness of their Signature chocolate brownies, coupled with a satisfying caramelly crunch with each bite from the Biscoff biscuits. Fans of Biscoff will surely love this!


We highly recommend Bake N’ Take to dessert lovers, especially chocolate lovers who are always looking to try new flavours. Their brownies are perfect for occasions like birthdays, social gatherings (within the 8-pax limit, of course!), or simply for an indulgent treat at home. 


On weekends, they have a mixed brownies box ($40) so you can sample different flavours. The flavours change up every week so keep a lookout. Top these brownies off with ice cream, and you’re all set for that stay-home weekend!


Shryfa started this business as a passion project during the Circuit Breaker to satisfy her craving for sweets. With all the time in her hands being at home, she made her own desserts and kept receiving positive feedback from her children, friends and family.


Her family’s support compelled her to take orders, create new recipes, and eventually bring Bake N’ Take to life. Now she’s started baking and selling cookies, and is looking to further expand her menu. Check out Bake N’ Take on Instagram (@bakentake_sg) and place your orders!

Bake N Take

Bake N Take

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Dine for Charity with Bake N Take

On top of spreading happiness with their brownies, Bake N’ Take is also spreading love and joy by donating 10% of every order to the Care for the Gifted project by Global Ehsan Relief Singapore.


So while you’re treating yourself to their delectable treats, you’re also supporting the special needs community. What’s to lose from getting yourself some brownies that are also for a good cause?

How to order

Place your orders at @bakentake_sg through DM.

Follow BakeNTake on social media