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Let's Talk
About Arabic Calligraphy

Ustaz Alawi


Fun fact: you don't need to know or understand Arabic to learn Arabic calligraphy! This ancient art is open to anyone who's willing to put in the time and effort to learn.


Find out more about what goes into Ustaz Alawi's beautiful pen strokes, and how you can try your hand at calligraphy too!

Q1.What is Arabic Calligraphy to Ustaz Alawi?

Q2. Can we start learning Arabic Calligraphy without knowing arabic?

Q3. What are his future plans for Alawiartworx?

To Ustaz Alawi, it acts as a language of love and the existence of it is to actually emphasise more on the beauty of Allah's words, the Quran! 

Definitely! Along the way, you will learn arabic from learning arabic calligraphy and a lot of people have done this. There are even non-muslims who have done arabic calligraphy without a problem.

The plan for now is to expand in two manners: the artworks that he sells as well as the classes that he holds. This means improving the quality and content as well as increasing the quantity!

Ustaz Alawi's Advice For Those Interested In Calligraphy

"Mentorship is very important in Arabic calligraphy and if you don't have a teacher, experiment on your own but if you do have one, get their baraqah because a teacher imparts the secrets of the art.


Managing time well and being passionate over it is also important!"

Calligraphy Ustaz Alwi
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