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Let's Talk
About Fempreneur

Huda Hamid

In our modern world, women are still often overlooked in business roles, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs. That's what Ms Huda Hamid is determined to remedy - which is why she started Fempreneur Secrets, a community empowering women with the skills they need to sustain a long-term business!

Find out more about her story in this episode of Let's Talk.

Q1. How did Fempreneur Secrets start?

Q2. What is the biggest challenge that new entrepreneurs face?

Q3. What are some misconceptions about women entrepreneurs?

Huda started it because she enjoyed doing business so that was one of the motivators. 

She has seen many women struggling to start their own business to create something that is truly theirs. That made her realise that there is a great need to create business education accessible!

Being excited alone about an idea that we have is not enough. It has to be validated with sales. To do that, we need to understand the needs of our clients and customers! We also need to understand that the heart and center of the business is the people.

A common misconception is that women aren't going to be focused because they have this innate responsibility to be a caregiver but the reality is that, whatever we strive to do, what matters is that we prioritise the things that we want to achieve in our lives. This applies to both men and women!

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