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Let's Talk
About Traditional Malay Music


A talented self-taught oudist, Ansari shares with us his passion for traditional music and its importance in our heritage and legacy. Watch the video below to find out more about the different types of traditional Malay music, tips to get started, and more.

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Q1.What is traditional malay music?

Q2. How did Ansari start getting into malay music?

Q3. What type of other music does Ansari listens to?

It comprises of different types of music; wayang kulit, kronchong, ghazal and more. However, what people usually think of when they hear about traditional malay music would be mainly the orchestra concept that you usually see in weddings!

Ansari was a dikir barat practitioner since secondary school! He then wanted to start exploring different avenues for his passion so he bought an oud and played around with it!

He got the opportunity to take part in this traditional malay music programme which then kickstarted his whole journey.

He doesn't listen to a specific genre but recently, he finds himself listening to korean music, specifically Lee Hi!

Ansari Traditional Music

Tips Ansari Would Like To Give Those Interested In Joining Malay Music?

"Learn some basics by watching someone who knows the basics of the music play and from there, you can carry on your learning from different people. Also, don't give up opportunities that have been given!

One of the reasons why I was able to explore different avenues was because I took up the opportunities that were given to me."

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