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Jamia Mosque, Kashmir

Jamia Mosque is a mosque in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The mosque was commissioned by Sultan Sikandar in 1394 CE and completed in 1402 CE. It is regarded as one of the most important mosques in Kashmir, and one of the prime tourist attractions of Srinagar.

Photo source:,_Srinagar

Constructed in the Persian style, the mosque is renowned for its beautiful architecture and structure, retaining its beauty despite being subject to devastating fires three times throughout its history.

Jamia Mosque is also well-known for its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, standing out against the hustle bustle of the old bazaars around it.

On 5 August 2019, this mosque was shut down due to the security lockdown and ban on religious practices ordered by the Indian government as a result of their long standing dispute with Kashmir.

Unfortunately, that was not the first incident where the mosque was ordered to close down. But locals believed this to be the longest closure in the history of the mosque.

Four months later, in December 2019, the sound of the azan was heard broadcasting from the Jamia Mosque.

"It feels like I'm breathing again,” Muhammad Iqbal, 55, told news agency AFP about the re-opening of Jamia Mosque. “No doubt my happiness knows no bounds today, but the saddest thing is that the Kashmir dispute is yet to be resolved," he said.

May Allah always protect the Muslims of Kashmir and preserve Jamia Mosque for future generations of Muslims.

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