We create content by Muslims, for Muslims everywhere

We are a media platform to help others. Since its inception in August 2018, GERTV has been responsible for videos, photography and other media works for Global Ehsan Relief.


In our work on the ground, we document the stories of GER's beneficiaries both locally and around the world. These people have made a lasting impact on us, and we are committed to being a platform for them to make their stories known and their voices heard, all while educating and inspiring action in our audience.


Another vital aspect of our work is to showcase the diversity of the global Muslim population, and the rich history of Islam and its spread around the world. We aim to connect Muslims around the world with engaging and varied content in the form of short videos, podcasts, and articles. We are also a platform for Muslim youth to connect to each other and to Islam, with segments dedicated to common problems and situations faced by youth today.


From Islamic Q&As to halal food reviews, historical facts, and motivational snippets from asatizahs, all our media is created to help our audience learn, grow, and begin to take an interest in the world and how they can help make it better.

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