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"Nak Jadi Macam Ustaz Ebit Lew?"

A well-known and respected figure in our community, Ustaz Ebit Lew is renowned for his charity work and willingness to help those in need, no matter the cost.Sometimes we might wonder, how can we ever be anything like him?

Today, Ustaz Norhakim Siddiq is here to answer that question, and explain something that all of us here at GERTV hold dear; giving does not have to be big.


We are all blessed with different gifts, so we all have the ability to give something to help others. Be it our time, our kind words, even our spare change; none of these are too small a gift to give .

How do we make use of our own rezeki and turn it into something beneficial for everyone?

One of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW is to help lift the burdens of other people when they have difficulties so donate as and when you can for your rezeki will be multiplied with your generosity.

One of Ebit Lew's admired trait is the act of helping one another and that is an exemplary trait that should be cultivated!




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