From Trash To Treasure
Reduce waste while helping those in need.

Updated JANUARY 28, 2022

Meet Mdm Zarina Jaafar, co-founder of 3R Recycle Sharing is Caring - a Facebook group created more than 10 years ago for the local community to donate their items that are still in good condition to a new home. 3R Recycle Sharing is Caring is the best example of how *one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.*


“It’s always good to care and share - it’s one of 3R’s slogans that we use widely. Instead of throwing these items, you give it to the right people who are in need. This way, you avoid wastage and you make others happy as well.”

There are many other ‘spin-off’ groups from 3R, one of them being 3R Sincerely Giving, a group that is geared towards their charity activities. For Mdm Zarina and her team, giving back to the community through 3R is one of their missions.

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For instance, Mdm Zarina shared how there are a number of foreign workers in the group who truly appreciate all the goods that they can get from the platform.

Watch the third episode of *Heroes of Today* to find out what their mission of saving *One Starfish A Time* means and how Mdm Zarina and her team at 3R Recycle Sharing is Caring is inspiring us all.

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Check out Mdm Zarina's inspiring story , and join 3R RECYCLE on Facebook to be part of her efforts to reduce waste while helping those in need .