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Tamimi Pohan

Despite being born with a genetic disorder that left him wheelchair-bound, 16-year-old Tamimi Pohan refuses to sit back and give up on life.


In this episode of #HeroesofToday, find out how this amazing young man and his supportive family have persevered in the face of numerous difficulties, from constant medical bills to stigmatization and bullying.


This is the story of Tamimi Pohan, the boy with brittle bones but a steely resolve.

"Stay strong and stay positive. Follow your dreams and never give up."  are the words Mdm Sarina Siregar (Tamimi's mother) frequently says to him as a child and Tamimi proves to be holding on to those words dearly as he strives to achieve more than he already has. He hopes to one day become a successful business owner and have people working under him. InsyaAllah amin! 

Tamimi's family makes a living selling fresh-made food and adorable designs created by Tamimi himself. If you'd like to show your support as well, visit their Facebook/Instagram page to place your orders!

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