Mdm Zarina Jaffar,
Founder of 3R RECYCLE

With a passion for helping the community, Mdm Zarina founded 3R RECYCLE to encourage people not to simply throw away their unused items, but instead find a new home for them. She also regularly hosts charity drives to distribute donated items to those in need.


Shariff is a reminder to us all that people with disabilities are just as capable, if not more, than anyone else.

Check out Mdm Zarina's inspiring story, and join 3R RECYCLE on Facebook to be part of her efforts to reduce waste while helping those in need, whom they refer to as "Starfishes"!

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3R RECYCLE started about 10 years ago and the group has been growing and evolving ever since. They now have over 30.4K members which includes migrant workers and people from all walks of life who are in need of necessities!

Mdm Zarina and her team of admins also created another platform/group called 3R Sincerely Giving for their charity activities such as providing financial support to the elderly and many more. How inspirational!