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7 Things to Do if You Can't Fast

Ramadhan is a month of blessings, rewards, and self-improvement - but not just for those who are fasting. Although fasting is an important aspect of this holy month, not everyone is able to participate due to health concerns, pregnancy, or other reasons.

For those who can’t fast, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on one of the most important times of the year. But there are still many other ways to make the most of Ramadhan, and make it just as special and meaningful!


1. Zikr - Remembrance of Allah S.W.T.

The most important - and easiest - way to make your Ramadhan meaningful is to try to increase the amount of zikr you do each day. Throughout every daily activity, remember Allah S.W.T. and recite whatever Zikr you know. It can be as easy as ‘Subhaanallah’!

2. Salawat for Our Prophet S.A.W.

Another easy and effective form of ibadah is to recite Salawat together with your Zikr. This will not only increase your rewards but also increase your love for our Prophet S.A.W., and in shaa Allah guide you closer to following his footsteps.

3. Learn Something New

Ramadhan is also an excellent time to increase your knowledge of Islam! Take the opportunity to read a new book, listen to beneficial podcasts, or attend classes at your local mosque. The more you learn about Islam, the more you will appreciate its wisdom and beauty.

4. Teach What You Know

If you have beneficial knowledge, make time to share it with others! You can organize small study groups with friends and family, or simply share small snippets with your colleagues every day. Sharing knowledge is a great way to increase your own understanding of Islam and help others on their journey.

5. Give Charity

One of the most important aspects of Ramadhan is giving to those in need. You can donate to share your blessings and ensure no one goes hungry in the holy month, volunteer your time for a good cause, or even just help out a neighbor in need!

6. Work on Other Goals

Ramadhan is a time of spiritual growth, but it can be a great time to work on other goals as well. Whether it's reading more books, exercising regularly, or spending more time with loved ones, when you practice these with the intention of pleasing Allah S.W.T., you make them into an act of ibadah as well!

7. Recite Du’as for Loved Ones

Finally, you can also set aside time to make dua for your loved ones. Make a list of people you want to pray for, and spend time each day reciting duas for them. You can also make dua for yourself, asking Allah to guide you on the right path and help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing.


Ramadhan is a special time of year for all Muslims, and there are many ways to make the most of it even if you can't fast. No matter what your situation is, with the right mindset and intentions, you can make your Ramadhan a spiritually fulfilling and rewarding experience!

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