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Bis-ku-it, Munch Your Heart Out!

Craving for some sweet treats?

When it comes to desserts, it doesn’t get any simpler and addictive than a classic Bread Pudding.

Bread pudding is a simple dessert adored by the young and the young at heart.

Our Dine for Charity team had the pleasure of visiting a local home-based business (HBB) that specialises in bread pudding - biskuitbyfk!

Helmed by stay-at-home mom Fhazilah Khan, biskuitbyfk began when her first daughter turned one and they were sourcing out suitable door gifts for the birthday celebration.

“At that point of time it was pre-COVID so we had a lot of relatives and family members who were invited, so we were thinking of ways that it wouldn't cost so much. So my mom actually came up with the idea to bake, because that’s one of my passions - baking. So that’s how it started, we started selling biscuits and cookies.

Bis-ku-it is the Arabic word for biscuit. We started out with biscuits, never intending to branch out to different desserts.”

Their signature product, which is also their crowd favourite - the bread pudding - was only started back in 2021. Being one of the few HBBs in Singapore that specialises in bread pudding, Fhaz has experimented with many different flavours and throughout the years, she has settled on the best ones, based on her customers’ reviews.

“We started out with just chocolate chips and raisins, but then as a cheese lover, I thought it would be interesting if we added cheese as an additional topping, on top of what we had. We also have cranberries, butterscotch.”

Yes, you read that right, Cheese Bread Pudding! For all you cheese lovers out there, it might just sound like the perfect pairing for a dessert.

“Cheese was surprisingly one of our top favourites also. But most of the time people will go to the basics, chocolate chips or raisins.”

“Besides bread pudding, we also do cookies - biscuits were where biskuit ‘started’. So nowadays, biscuits are usually popular for occasions like Christmas, or now in our post-covid era, majority of the time they had to source out for their own door gifts. So usually people will call us for weddings, events, birthdays and for baby showers. We also started out with chocolate chips, and white chocolate and butterscotch, but mom’s favourite is cranberry. So with the good response, we started selling cranberry cookies as well.”

Fhaz credits the success of her HBB and her baking to the special woman in her life - her mother.

“Most of the time, my mom is a good inspiration for us. At the start, my mom actually insisted that I bake for her every weekend. So then she coaxed me to try it out as a business and see how the demand is like. Alhamdulillah, it has been a success.”

“You can follow us on Instagram, @biskuitbyfk, and then usually we will accept orders via DM or Whatsapp. We will also post out our available dates. It’s not on a daily basis, so keep a look out at our Instagram stories!”

Be sure to check out biskuitbyfk on our latest episode of Dine For Charity here!

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