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4 Ways to Ease Your Child into Fasting

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Ramadhan is drawing near, so prepare yourself and your little ones with these quick tips and advice!

With Ramadhan just around the corner, many families are gearing up for the blessed month - and so are their children. While it's not necessary for little ones to join in, it's a good idea to teach them the basics and let them try fasting before they are of age. Here are some tips to get your little ones engaged and involved in Ramadhan this year!


1. Establish a Routine

Get them used to the idea of fasting by waking them up for sahur, or getting them to fast for a few hours at a time. Definitely don't jump right into the deep end - children are not equipped to fast the whole day!

The most important thing is to be consistent, and to build a positive association with Ramadhan and fasting so your kids won't see it as a chore.

2. Choose Healthier Foods

Fasting is a lot easier when you've filled up with high-fiber foods like beans and oatmeal, or protein such as fish and eggs. That's because they take longer to break down compared to processed and high-carb foods, and thus keep you full longer!

Choose these foods for your little one so they won't get hungry too fast, and make the fasting experience more enjoyable for them. This tip is useful for you as well; a high-fiber and protein-rich diet can help with weight loss and overall health!

3. Make it Fun!

Children are way more likely to be interested in something if you make it a game. That includes fasting! Challenge them to fast for an hour, then two, and keep gradually increasing the time. Reward them for each new level they've unlocked.

Bonus tip : put up a sheet tracking their progress where the whole family can see, so they can be proud of their achievements. If you have multiple kids, you can make it into a mini competition!

4. Reward Them Generously

As adults, some of us still struggle with fasting , so imagine how big a challenge it is for your little one. Reward them generously every time they manage to fast, and even when they don't quite make it! It's important to encourage them to keep trying, rather then put them off from fasting by punishing them.

Positive reinforcement is key, and will result in your child feeling more motivated to participate in fasting, and maybe even set their own goals for next year's Ramadhan!


Ramadhan is a time for family, and that includes your children. Use these tips as a baseline to teach them about the importance of fasting, and why Allah commanded us to fast during Ramadhan.

If you've got any other tips for parents who are just starting to teach their young ones to fast, leave a comment down below! Let's share our knowledge and help everyone benefit.


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