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From Housewife to Sole Breadwinner

Coping with the death of a spouse is usually something people face in later life. When it happens much earlier, it can present some different challenges for young mothers.

And it’s not just these young, widowed mothers, but also their orphaned children who go through different sets of challenges everyday. When they lose the breadwinner of their family, it’s undeniably harder for families to survive on their own.

Alhamdulillah through Global Ehsan Relief’s Care for Orphaned Families project, we provide assistance, not just through monetary aid, but also through moral support and reminding these families that they are not alone.

One such mother that we had the pleasure of crossing paths with is Mdm Nurul, 40. Mdm Nurul is a single mother of four girls aged 6, 11, 15 and 17. It has been two years since her late husband passed away.

"These two years have been tough but alhamdulillah, Allah S.W.T. eased everything for us. First few months were very tough. It’s been tough but I know Allah S.W.T. is taking care of us.”

“It’s been tough because before this, I was a housewife and I never got to work. I’m currently working as a permanent part time worker at a Muslim-owned events company. My life as a housewife revolved around the kids and the house. It’s been tough but I find that I’ve learned a lot throughout these few years. These two years, it has all been for the kids. When I think of myself, I remember to think of the kids first. Actually I’m fortunate to have best friends that keep on reminding me that I am important too. So far, we live within our means.”

As a single mother, Mdm Nurul has made her children the focus of her life. Despite whatever kind of challenges that comes, especially financially, she places the welfare of her children before hers.

“Usually in a week, I will cook twice because I will make enough to keep for two days. So it’s a bit of a budget but it’s also because I need to teach my kids to save when they can. As long as there’s still food left, I won’t cook because I don’t want any wastage. I keep reminding them that we might be in difficulty, but there are others out there in more difficulty.”

Besides reminding her children to appreciate what they have, Mdm Nurul expressed how she placed great importance on her children’s studies and wishes to see them excel in their academics.

“Even though I’m a single parent, I place importance on their studies. To me, studies should be a priority. I told them whatever they do, they have to give their best. So whatever extracurricular activities they have outside of school, they still have to give their best in their studies.”

It’s not an easy task; juggling work, taking care of four children and taking care of the household. During our visit, Mdm Nurul shared her sentiments with us.

“I always tell myself, I need to have the time with them. I can always go to work and spend less time with them. But I told myself that, no, we can find money, sustenance is everywhere. But you cannot bring back time. And that’s what I learned when my late husband passed away. So we have to cherish every moment.”

Over the course of rebuilding their lives again, our aid has helped to lighten the struggles faced by Mdm Nurul and her family.

"Alhamdulillah the groceries and monetary contributions helped. I’m more than grateful for all that we’ve received. To all donors, I just want to say thank you very much. It helps me and my family a lot. My family is big, I have four children and it’s not easy to raise four kids.”

She expressed to our team: “I’m really thankful and blessed, thank you so much for all your contributions.”


Without a breadwinner in the family, it is undeniably harder for orphaned families to survive on their own. Help fulfil their hopes of lessening their financial struggles and being able to afford basic necessities by contributing to our Care for Orphaned Families project today.

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