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Get to Know: Yours Truly #BBKS Edition

What should you do before starting your own business?

"How can you edge out your competition? Start with Bismillah, and do your research.”

During our filming for our new segment Barang Baik Kena Share, we met Freelance Vehicle Detailer, Muhammad Zakir who shared with us how he recently started his own polishing and wax business for both cars and motorcycles, called ‘Yours Truly’.

Zakir’s motivation and passion is inspiring. With a start-up capital of $250, his service reached 180 vehicles in a span of almost 4 months.

“When I started this business back in March, my neighbour actually (pushed me to start this business). I was doing my own bike at the washing bay, and my neighbour said, Zakir, you (clean your) bike very nice. Don’t waste your talent, start a business.

From there I started my services with friends first. From there, they bring other friends, friends of friends, relatives, people i don’t know.”

It’s clear: support from friends or families is important when you are starting to delve into something new.

Zakir has big plans for Yours Truly - he wants the business to go big and to continue growing, just like how his passion for the industry keeps growing.

That’s not all, Zakir shares that he also dreams of being a lecturer in the future.

This is a young Singaporean who isn’t afraid to pursue his passion. Fueled by the support from his parents, family and friends, Zakir has managed to increase his profits and gained the trust of a number of returning customers in a few months.

In a pandemic ridden world where most are financially affected by COVID-19, more and more people are turning to starting their own home-based business as a way to turn the tide. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also seen as the best platforms to turn to for starting out.

We asked Zakir about his advice to those who are keen to start their own home-based business, or to try something similar:

“To me it’s very simple; you want to start, say Bismillah or say some prayers first. Then of course, you have to see who your competitors are. After that, how can you edge out from them? Do you have people who can support you? But of course if you want to do it alone, I would say just go for it. If you feel passionate about it, try.”

To summarise,

  1. Start with prayers

  2. See who are your competitors, gauge the competition

  3. Do your research

  4. Find support from family and friends (If you don’t have support but feel just as passionately about it, support yourself)

  5. If you feel passionate about it, try!

At the end of our filming with Zakir, he shared that 10% of his monthly profits will be donated to Global Ehsan Relief in hopes of benefiting the communities in Singapore.

Join Zakir by donating to our core projects. Be a part of the community that gives back and lend a helping hand to those who really need our help.

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