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New Year Hacks: Getting More Work Done

How to stop feeling crushed for time

It’s a new Islamic Year and for some, it has been back to the office as Work From Home rules are gradually lifted. While it might be hard to adjust to working in the office again, or you just need new motivation, or just experiencing mental block at this point of time, we have just the tips for you!

1. Take breaks

Breaks: Letting your brain unfocus so that your creative thoughts can flourish

Interruptions break your flow, so plan your interruptions (your break time)

  • Anytime you’re pulled away from your tasks, it takes time to readjust to them when you jump back in (sometimes it can take more than 25 minutes)

  • Interruptions like notifications, loud noises, social media, checking email can disrupt your concentration

Managing Time on Social Media

  • Social media can be a great tool but also a draining place

  • It is important to have a clear objective and time restriction to earn benefit from it

  • Go online only during your break to maintain focus on work

  • Set a timer and try not to go online beyond your break time

2. Get a fresh perspective

Know that there are no productivity hacks

  • Habits and work systems can produce the best return on your time

  • Getting more work done is about knowing what to do, when to do it and how to get it done in order to maximise the little time you have every day

Procrastinate no more

  • Take the smallest step possible: When you don’t feel motivated, take the smallest step possible towards your goal

  • Taking a step bypasses that part of your brain that is alerted when you’re trying to make a change

3. Set a plan!

Planning today for tomorrow

  • Before the day ends, identify and write down the best actions you need to take tomorrow

  • Every morning, focus on completing your action list from yesterday before midday

  • Improve and repeat every day

Unimportant tasks are really just distractions

  • Urgent tasks put us into constant ‘reply mode’

  • Important work is related to planned tasks that move us closer to our goals


With these tips, we hope that you will be better equipped to manage your time and workload. We know it’s not easy (even from our own experience) but the beauty of it is to try, to improve and to slowly get there.

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