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The Power of Sadaqah

Why they need our help urgently

The importance of giving Dua.

You’ve probably heard of that.

But, have you really thought about the power of giving? The power of Sadaqah.

Maybe for some of us, it doesn’t really register internally how vulnerable communities around the world are in need of our help.

Maybe for others, we think our help won’t make a difference or leave any impact.

But we want to change that. We want to convince you that these communities are in dire need of our help, and we have the power to extend our blessings to them.

Because as they say, ‘dalam rezeki kita, ada juga rezeki orang’. Within our blessings, there is the blessing of another.

You might or might have heard of Nora’s story, but this little girl’s story might just inspire you to give back, no matter how small the amount is. We came across Nora’s story from Charity: Water, and we think it’s worth sharing as well.

Six-year-old Nora Shauna Jackson’s sincere donation of $8.15 (USD) for clean water, snowballed into the donations of 3,671 other people, all who were inspired by little Nora.

In turn, more than 2,500 people around the world are now able to access clean water.

Nora’s intention had been so pure; she merely didn’t want people to die from dirty water and she wanted to give as much as she could - her $8.15 donation had been 80% of her net worth for the little six-year-old! It had been the money she had gotten from the ‘tooth fairy’ or money she earned by shoveling snow.

And she was right - no matter how big or small the donation is, it really, really does make a difference.

Now, let’s take a look at the importance of giving, and how it impacts us just as much as our contributions impact those receiving it.

Sadaqah encourages friends and family to do the same

By spreading awareness about causes that are important to you, you might just inspire someone without knowing! By simply sharing a post on your social media, you can reach out to your followers in an easy way. It’s a really simple way to motivate others to join you in helping the different communities. You might just spark a light in someone to start them in their volunteering journey, who knows!

Sadaqah reinforces your personal value/ beliefs

According to research by Charity Aid Foundation, 96% of respondents said that they ‘felt they had a moral duty to use what they had to help others’, a sentiment that comes from their own personal principles and beliefs.

To many, having the ability to change the lives of others is both a privilege and an obligation. By acting on these sentiments, it is also a way to strengthen our personal values and make us feel like we are embodying what we believe in and being true to our own ethical values.

Sadaqah time is just as important

Other than monetary donations, you can also widen your experience by volunteering your time at organisations that you feel speaks to you the most. It will also be a good opportunity to widen your network of friends, learn more about what is important to you and gain valuable experiences along the way.

On the other hand, if you’re too busy to volunteer, donating money is also the perfect workaround. Never think that you are not able to help improve someone’s life just because your schedule does not allow the time for you to do so. There are many different ways to show that you are willing to help others, in any form that you can. Sadaqah is easy, simple but full of blessings.

If this article has inspired you to make a sadaqah, you are welcome to donate to any of our causes over at We’ve made it easier for you to find a cause that’s important to you and whether you want to make a one-off donation or be a regular, monthly donor for our causes.

Let’s be a part of circulating good and share our blessings with others.


Children's Aid Foundation,

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