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Masjid Maarof

In this episode of #SahabatMasjid, let's learn about the history and story of Masjid Maarof, which is located in the heartlands of Jurong.


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History of Masjid Maarof


19th century

In 2016, Masjid Maarof was renamed after "Masjid Maarof"! Masjid Maarof is considered one of the biggest mosques in Singapore as it can hold up to 4,500 worshippers! It is also built in hopes of reducing congestion in other nearby mosques that is Masjid Assyakirin and Masjid Al-Mukminin.

The original "Masjid Maarof" actually stood in the 19th century and served the growing Javanese community in Kampong Jawa. It managed to serve the community for as long as 116 years!

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