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Iswan Ismail

How do you overcome the fear of being in the spotlight as an actor? 🤔


A familiar face here in Singapore and in Malaysia, heart-throb Iswan Ismail didn't plan on becoming a star at first. Watch to find out how he broke into the Malaysian industry, and how he deals with the many challenges of being in the spotlight.


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Q1.How did Iswan start venturing into the acting industry?

Q2. What was his big break in the industry?

Q3. What were some challenges faced by him in the acting world?

He was first introduced into the industry when he got into the top 5 of Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelors! Mediacorp Suria then called him down for an audition and workshop, introducing him to the world of acting!

It was a Malaysian drama called "Hero Seorang Cinderella"! When he received the role offer, he decided to grab the opportunity!

Some of the challenges he faced would be that he sacrifices his personal time a lot for his acting career and he has no choice but to miss important events at times due to different factors.

Iswan's Advice For Those Interested In Acting

"Find a way to improve and learn. Enrol in classes and learn to be comfortable in front of the camera by filming yourself etc.

It's about being able to focus, immerse yourself in the situation and just shut everything out!"

Iswan Acting
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