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About Fitness

Nikii Adriana

Who says women can't lift bro? 💪


In this episode, we're joined by Nikii Adriana, a fitness enthusiast who wants to share her passion with everyone, especially her fellow women!


Find out more about how she got into the fitness lifestyle, and the challenges she faces as a woman and a hijabi. Ladies, if you're feeling inspired to hit the gym, follow Nikii for more fitness inspiration and tips!

Q1. What are some of Nikii's personal best?

Q2.What are some of her Nikii's daily gym essentials? 

Q3. Nikii's advice for people starting out!

Some challenges would be the presence of the stigma where females aren't able to "lead" which is proven in the way certain people mistake her as the assistant photographer or when they doubt her abilities.

Some of the things that she brings along is her lifting belt, booty band, lifting grips and of course, her water bottle!

She suggested getting a friend who has some knowledge about the fitness field to come along with you to get the ball rolling!


This is a journey and a process, it's not something that gives you results in a day. Take it slow and celebrate your small achievements!

Was It Different For Nikii Going To The Gym As A Hijabi?

"I started lifting before I wore a hijab so transitioning into wearing the hijab made me more self-conscious because I didn't know how people would be reacting to seeing one in the gym.


That made me more self-aware suddenly but I guess start with the intentions that you have and set goals!


It is so easy to consume these stereotypes and let it get in the way of what you want for yourself but just focus on yourself and if you want to do it, just do it!"

Nikii Adriana Gym
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