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Let's Talk
About Coffee

Adi Rusyaidi

If you're coffee lovers like us, you're gonna love today's #LetsTalk episode! Our guest Adi is the co-founder of Larut, where you can find specialty coffee and other tasty drinks.


Watch to find out more about coffee-making and the amazing flavours from regional coffee beans!


What's the story behind the name

What are some of the drinks Larut sells?

What are the challenges of being in the F&B industry?

Adi and his friend were having a conversation when the word "larut" was uttered. It was a different word and because he was focusing more on Indonesian beans due to his heritage and essentially make it more known to people!

Their latest menu consists of drinks made of blue pea flowers, Blue Pea Lemonade! Other drinks include Iced Chocolate for non-coffee drinkers as well as their Signature Overnight which was Larut's first launched drink made of robusta beans.

Business is more than just selling. A recent challenge that Adi had would be logistic matters and deliveries to customers were occasionally late due to inevitable factors.

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