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Let's Talk
About Culinary

Khairul Anwar

Cooking is a great skill to have, but doesn't always make a good career unless you put in some good hard work. In this episode, we have Khairul Anwar in the studio to talk about life as a chef!


Khairul Anwar is a demi chef de partie, which means he assists the station chefs at a fine dining restaurant (that has 3 Michelin stars!!). Find out more about the culinary world with him in this #LetsTalk episode!

Q1. What inspired Khairul to pursue Culinary Arts?

Q2. What are the challenges of working as a fine dining chef?

Q3. Has Khairul ever had any injuries in the kitchen? 

His mum! As a child, he didn't know about the techniques of cooking of until he saw his mum prepare ingredients! Growing up, he started cooking for his family and receiving constructive feedback on his food gives him the drive to cook more!

There are a lot of sacrifices that comes with working as a chef. There will be always be times when you have to miss out on important events and even work long hours.

Khairul once slipped while carrying a container of hot oil and his heel got scalded, which led to him being sent to the hospital! That must have been terrifying!

Khairul's Advice For Those Interested To Pursue Culinary Arts

"If you have no prior experience in the kitchen, try to find part-time jobs relating to the field. However, if you have the means to, join a culinary academy!

These schools are the perfect place to get started and the chefs there are well-equipped with knowledge and skillsets. Don't be afraid to ask them questions!"

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