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About Fine Arts


An art aficionado since childhood, Priscilla now makes her living teaching different art mediums to children from all walks of life.


Watch to find out more about the joys of teaching, what it takes to create an art piece, and the misconceptions you might have about the wonderful world of fine arts!


Check out Blobs and Globs on Instagram for more amazing artwork and to sign up for a class with Priscilla!

Q1. Define fine arts ?

Q2. How did Priscilla get into fine arts?

Q3. Are there any memorable anecdotes about her time as a teacher?

To Ustaz Alawi, it acts as a language of love and the existence of it is to actually emphasise more on the beauty of Allah's words, the Quran! 

Definitely! Along the way, you will learn arabic from learning arabic calligraphy and a lot of people have done this. There are even non-muslims who have done arabic calligraphy without a problem.

The plan for now is to expand in two manners: the artworks that he sells as well as the classes that he holds. This means improving the quality and content as well as increasing the quantity!

What motivates Priscilla to create more art?

"It is when I question things around me! Things like current times or challenging beliefs of the past.

Just like writers who write about current times or their imaginations, there are also artists who express themselves through visual forms."

Fine Art Pricaslla
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