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Let's Talk
About Graphic Design

Laila Badriyah

Let's talk about graphic design with the wonderful Laila! A well-known (and well-loved!) figure in the community, Laila specialises in design for Malay/Muslim organisations.


Find out about her journey, favourite art styles, tips for beginners, and more, and follow her for more in-depth tips and advice!

Q1. How did Laila get into graphic design?

Q2. What was the biggest challenge she faced?

Q3. What styles of design are your inspiration/favourite?

She was doing well in Art subjects back in secondary school which then motivated her to pursue a graphic design course in NYP ✨

For Laila, her biggest struggle would probably be feeling like she didn't fit in the creative field as a hijabi and Muslim woman. Hence why she decided to work in Malay/Muslim organisations!

Her style of illustration is actually inspired by the cartoon "Adventure Time" and that is her most comfortable and favourite style to work with!

Laila's Advice For Aspiring Designers

"The best first step that you can take would be to ask. You can start by reaching out to graphic designers that you look up to and ask them for advice.


There are also tutorials on Youtube which are good enough to get started with!


Don't forget to also explore and experiment. Growing is a really important step for beginners and you would be able to know what your strong points are, what needs to be improved and avoided etc."

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