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Let's Talk
About Photography


Let's Talk about Photography! For our very first episode, Mr. Muhammad Reza joins us for a chat about his journey to becoming a freelance photographer.


Tune in for some pro tips, hilarious stories, and great advice from Reza!

Q1. What Were Some Challenges He Faced?

Q2. Sony, Nikon, or Canon?

Q3. How did #BendItLikeReza come about?

When he first started his photography journey, some families aren't as accommodating as he expected it to be so there was that lack of morale.

Sony because of the technological advantages. Not being able to worry about the technicalities means that photographers are able to better focus!

While shooting, Mr Reza accidentally fell on his knees and for a few months afterwards, he had difficulty bending his legs. Watch the video to find out more about what happened!

Mr Reza's Advice For Aspiring Photographers

"Don't be embarrassed to ask. Keep asking and keep learning! 

Go out and shoot, learn from experienced photographers and get their point of views.


You can have as many mentors and photographers you look up to but remember that you will eventually develop your own style. Keep doing it and don't stop!"

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