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Let's Talk
About Photography

Mardhiyah Husnan

Lady boss Mardhiyah Husnan in the house! Mia is the founder of Miamorements, a photography and videography brand specialising in weddings.


In this episode, Mia shares with us her origin story as a photographer, her experiences as a woman in the industry, some of her go-to gear for shoots, and more!


Share this to anyone who's looking for a wedding photographer! They'll be in good hands with Mia and her awesome team 💪🏽

Q1. How did Mardhiyah get into wedding photography?

Q2. What are the challenges of being in a male-dominated field?

Q3. What does she look out for before she takes her shot?

She was initially trying to build up her portfolio and when an influencer (turned friend!) reached out to her for help to film her wedding, she took up the challenge.


That was how things skyrocketed!

Some challenges would be the presence of the stigma where females aren't able to "lead" which is proven in the way certain people mistake her as the assistant photographer or when they doubt her abilities.

She tends to look out for moments, conversations and emotions!


Things like huge laughters and tears.

Mardhiyah Husnan  Advice For Aspiring Photographers

"Don't be embarrassed to ask. Keep asking and keep learning! 

Go out and shoot, learn from experienced photographers and get their point of views.


You can have as many mentors and photographers you look up to but remember that you will eventually develop your own style. Keep doing it and don't stop!"

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