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1. SNH Cosmetics

Beauty meets charity!


Do good and feel good with Global Ehsan Relief's partnership with SNH Cosmetics.


2. Little Botany

Fendi, owner of Littlebotany, shares with us how he found his love for planting and started Littlebotany, transitioning from a home-based businesss to a full retail space!


3. Mad O Candles

We talked to Ahmad of Mad O Candles and we can assure you that this episode of #LocalHustles will definitely scent you to heaven!


4. Longkang Adventure

Akasha aims to teach our city kids important life skills and a healthy appreciation for nature, while giving them the chance to really be kids.


5. Left-handesign

Radhika came up with Left-handesign with the aim to have minimal impact on the environment and inspire users to make eco-friendly choices!


6. Mud Krank

Mud Krank is Singapore's first ATV offroad adventure! With trails for both kids and adults, you'll have a blast playing off the beaten track over at Mud Krank!


7. Dr Helmet Motorsports

Dr Helmet has everything you could possibly need for your ride - from premium quality helmets with awesome features & items.


8. Bespoke Barbers & Co  

Bespoke Barbers & Co. aims to give all their customers a tailor-made spa and grooming experience for maximum comfort and relaxation.


9. Nurul Anwar Bookstore

Created the business to bring the spotlight onto hidden gems among local writers, and reconnect the younger generation with their literary heritage.


10. Reservoir Dayak 

Izzat has since built his brand into a full-fledged custom order service with high-quality leather and skillful crafting.


11. Heykittans 

Neens makes all of her items by hand, and they all have a special meaning behind them. Can get your hands on these beautiful jewelry!


12. Ummuramics

From just a mere hobby, Ummu found herself fully committing to this line of work whilst juggling her part time job as an educator, after participating in an art market!

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