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Little Botany

Fendi shares with us how he found his love for planting and started Littlebotany, transitioning from a home-based businesss to a full retail space! A safe space for everyone, Littlebotany acts as an inclusive platform where it's not limited to just the plant community ✨❤️

Check out their page to get your hands on some of their goods!

This is just a small portion of his interview with us! Watch the full video and learn more about Littlebotany's beginnings 🌱

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The name Littlebotany came about because Fendi wanted to learn about plants little by little, at his own pace.

Littlebotany used to be called FishyFendi on Instagram!

Fendi's favourite tree is the Moringa tree which contains a lot of nutrients and he eats it daily!

What went down during our filming!

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