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6 Things to do Before Ramadhan

We’ve just welcomed Nisfu Sha’ban a week ago and that means the Holy Month of Ramadhan is drawing closer! While some of us are busy preparing for Ramadhan, there are a few of us who are still unprepared to welcome the best month of the Islamic year.

Also for those who are in the midst of preparing for the holy month, here are 8 things to take note of before the blessed month arrives - remember it’s important to complete all that needs to be done so that we will not waste even one precious moment of the holy month!

1. Eat Healthy and Moderately

Maintaining a well-balanced diet can be a challenge, especially in Ramadhan where we fast more than half of the day. Hence it is essential to eat healthily and moderately, giving yourself enough energy to focus your days and nights on worship.

Remember to constantly drink enough fluids and be conscious of your diet before the fasting month begins!

2. Clear your schedule

If you have any pending plans - like your dinner plans with your friends whom you haven’t met for a while - it’s best to get it done before the holy month!

Make sure all that needs to be done is taken care of, while whatever you can put off until after Ramadhan can be set aside.

3. Get your Eid shopping done

It’s easy to get excited about Eid even before Ramadhan arrives! But don’t let that be the sole focus during the holy month.

One tip would be to get your Eid clothes and gift shopping out of the way before Ramadhan even starts, so that you can focus on getting the most out of the holy month.

Pro tip: If you have any Eid clothes that’s lying in your wardrobe unworn - or an Eid outfit that you’ve only worn once - it’s time to bring it out just in time for Eid!

4. Take care of tasks that needs to be completed in the holy month

Try to get as many chores and pending tasks done in preparation for Ramadhan! This way, you won’t need to do them during the holy month.

One such chore is cleaning the house, making it tidy before we prepare to fully invest our time for our ibadah in Ramadhan. Set aside a day to do some cleaning and organising! A cleaner house translates to a cleaner mind.

5. Decide on a Ramadhan menu/ prep your meals!

When we’re fasting, we tend to get more greedy when we’re buying food for Iftar.

We also tend to spend too much time in the kitchen and sometimes, we just don’t have the time or energy to cook the meals that we want to. For some of us, we can’t help it if we have an entire family to feed and cook for - all by ourselves!

Hence it’s a great idea to pre-make some paste or food before Ramadhan comes. You can start by making batches of food and storing it in the freezer in smaller portions, making it easier for you to heat it up or cook it when the time comes.

6. Save some Ramadhan Supplications

While you’re preparing for the best month in Islam, it’s also good to give yourself a head-start spiritually by collecting some duas and supplications that you can print out, or save it on your phone! Anything that will make it easier for you to be reminded to recite them and help you familiarise with the supplications that you’ll be making daily in the holy month.

If you have kids, you can even make a fun pre-Ramadhan project for them to keep them occupied and encourage them to learn the supplications for themselves!


We hope that these tips will give you a good head-start into the best month of the year! For more Ramadhan resources that will help you in your spiritual journey this holy month, check out our Ramadhan Resources page - it even includes our Dua Collection and a Ramadhan Action Plan and Guide that you can utilise!

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