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Sharing Meals with Orphaned Families

The Prophet (s.a.w) said, Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. (Tirmidhi)

Last year, Global Ehsan Relief ran a special Last 10 Nights campaign, which involved having iftar with our Orphaned Family beneficiaries. As part of fundraising efforts, our team over at GERTV actively participated by reaching out to a network of asatizah based here in Singapore, who helped to fundraise as well!

One of the asatizah who joined in the special iftar meals was Ustazah Hidayah whom we had the opportunity to meet when she volunteered for GER’s Care for the Homeless project in March 2021. When we spoke to her, she had many positive things to say about our Ramadhan outreach efforts.

“My experience was very heartwarming. The last house that we had our Iftar with was a single mother, she shared a lot of her experiences and what I learned from her life stories was that it's all about striving until she forgets to have the time on her own to express the struggles that she's going through.”

Besides the hearty meal, Ustazah Hidayah also had the opportunity to learn more about the situation of the beneficiaries as they chatted.

“Having that Iftar session has allowed her to share a bit more about her concerns and what she is struggling with and we hope that she felt better, but also on our end, we start to learn to appreciate better, for the things that we have, for the people that we have around us and we want to continue looking out for one another,” Ustazah Hidayah shared with our team.

Aside from the various asatizah who graciously offered their time and effort for our distributions during the Last 10 Nights campaign, we had local actor Iswan Ismail, who got the chance to volunteer for the first time for the Last 10 Nights Iftar Meals for Orphaned Families project.

“We visited three houses and my experience so far is very good. We got to learn more about the needy people, their way of living and we have an old lady who is taking care of her child, a 40-years-old lady who is autistic. So there are a lot of things that they are going through, a lot of difficulties and hardships and we're so glad that we can make their day a lot better with just this Iftar Meal. And at the last house we got to eat with one of them and it was a great experience talking to them and just cheering them on,” he said.

For Ustaz Khairul Zaman and Ustaz Hakim, spreading joy and happiness to the beneficiaries and seeing the smiles on their faces were the highlight of the experience.

“Alhamdulillah, we were given the opportunity to provide Iftar to the families who needed it the most. We heard from them that sometimes they are lonely, so when we hear that they are happy, we also share their happiness. We are thankful to be able to spread happiness to the whole family during Ramadhan, it’s a very valuable opportunity. Thank you to the donors for their contribution, without whom all of these would not have been possible,” Ustaz Hakim shares.

For this coming Ramadhan 2022, we hope to be able to continue spreading happiness and good to not just our Orphaned families, but to the groups in the community who are in dire need of our help. For instance, we will be providing Iftar Meals everyday throughout the month of Ramadhan to the communities who are struggling to put food on the table.

Join us in our efforts to do more good and share our blessings during the holiest month of the year by contributing to our Ehsan Ramadhan 2022 campaign.

Let’s give more than ever this Ramadan.

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