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The Science of Fasting - Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadhan

We’re halfway through Sya’ban today, which means Ramadhan is fast approaching! Did you know that on top of being the holiest month of the year, Ramadhan also has many health benefits?

Throughout the blessed month, not only do we get a chance to build a closer relationship with Allah (S.W.T.) and earn multiplied rewards for our Akhirah, we also ensure better health for our bodies in this Dunya!

Here are some important aspects of our health that fasting benefits :-

1. Blood Sugar

In Singapore alone - despite many efforts to combat it - 400,000 people are battling diabetes, with rates continuing to increase. Several studies have found that fasting may improve blood sugar control, which could be especially useful for those at risk of developing this deadly disease.

2. Gut Health

Fasting not only uses your fat reserves, but also cleanses your body of harmful toxins that might be present in fat deposits. With the digestive system on a month-long overhaul, your body naturally detoxifies, giving you the opportunity to continue a healthier lifestyle beyond Ramadan.

3. Mental Focus

A study carried out by scientists in the USA found that the mental focus achieved during Ramadan increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BNDF), which causes the body to produce more brain cells, thus improving brain function. The discipline needed to fast the whole month also helps build good habits in a positive and fulfilling way!

Of course, on top of all these physical perks, Ramadhan is also ideal for increasing our spirituality and connection with Allah (S.W.T.). With the gates of Heaven opened wide throughout the month, it’s the best time to do as many good deeds as we can.

Check out our Ramadhan Resources page for some useful tools to get the most out of your Ramadhan. Set achievable goals for yourself using our planner, and download our e-book of Sunnahs and doas you can practice throughout the month!

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